M22 Rentals strives to provide a quality vacation rental for you, and for future guests. The property will be inspected before and after each stay to ensure that our standards are upheld.  You are expected to treat the Vacation Rental with respect, keeping in mind that this is an individual’s home, not a hotel room.  Even though a Cleaning and Linen Services Fee is assessed, you are expected to leave the Vacation Rental in a clean, neat, and orderly condition and respect the Owner’s requests regarding check-out procedures.

Upon the expiration of the term hereof, Guest shall surrender the Premises in as good a state and condition as it was at the commencement of this Agreement, reasonable use and wear and tear thereof and damages by the elements excepted.

The Cleaning and Linen Services Fee includes up to three (3) hours of housekeeping and linen services provided by the team of cleaning professionals upon your departure.  If you are interested in additional cleaning services during your stay, please contact M22 Rentals to further discuss your needs.

Additional Cleaning and Linen Service Fees may be assessed at an hourly rate of $100.00 per hour, if any one or the following conditions exist:

  • Guest fails to comply with the check-out procedures that require additional cleaning services more than the designated standard cleaning hours (i.e.  removal and disposal of all trash, dish washing, cleaning kitchen appliances, excessive laundry, excessive sand, furniture movement, etc.).
  • Cleaning fees that result from smoke. No smoking is permitted on the Premises.
  • Cleaning fees that result from the removal of pet hair. Pets are not permitted on the Premises.
  • If you anticipate bed wetting could be a problem for any member of your group, please plan for pull-ups or plastic bedding. Bed wetting requires mattresses to be sanitized that will result in a $150.00 Sanitize Fee assessed against your Security Deposit per occurrence.
  • Please do not permit guests to sit on our fabrics or bed linens with wet bathing suits, sandy bodies, or sunscreen.  Please apply spray sunscreen outdoors only. Cleaning of furniture and/or bed linens may result in additional cleaning fees or linen replacement fees.
  • Lost/Stolen linens or damaged linens that require replacement.
  • Additional cleaning fees, if incurred, will be deducted from your Security Deposit.



$500 / Once / Per Accommodation